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Let Them Eat…Placenta?

Is eating your placenta right for you? What choices do you have? To be honest, there are probably more choices than you thought! In this blog we will present the options you have so you can decide which (if any) is the right way for you to eat your placenta.

Placenta Smoothie

eat your placenta Blissful Birthing Placenta Smoothie

One way you can consume your placenta is by drinking it! From the research we have done, you cannot taste the placenta in your smoothie. You can have the ingredients ready to go in zip lock bags (separate the wet and dry ingredients) and your milk of choice in a portable blender (we really like the Magic Bullet, and it’s very affordable!). You can drink your placenta smoothie in the delivery room soon after your baby is born, or when you get home and need an energy boost. We recommend you consume your fresh placenta within 72 hours or cube and freeze it for later. When cubing your placenta for later use, make sure to freeze it on a parchment-lined baking sheet (with no pieces touching) first before transferring it to a ziplock bag.

Women who have consumed their placenta in smoothie form have reported an increase in energy and a decrease in postpartum bleeding.

Placenta Capsules

This is, by and large, the most common way to eat your placenta. During this process, which Blissful Birthing offers in your home, your placenta is cleaned, steamed, sliced, and dehydrated before being ground into powder and put into flavored or unflavored capsules. We perform this process in your home to erase any doubt as to who’s placenta you are actually getting back. If you want to read about the process in more detail, click here.

Placenta encapsulation has been reported* to:

  • increase energy
  • promote a more robust milk supply
  • balance postpartum hormones
  • help replace iron lost during delivery
  • decrease the incidence of the baby blues

Placenta Tincture

This is most commonly done as an add-on to placenta encapsulation. To make a tincture, a piece of your placenta is put in 95% alcohol (which extracts the hormones, nutrients, etc from the placenta). This is an amazing way to increase the length of time that you can benefit from the consumption of your placenta. If stored properly (in a cool, dry place like your cupboard) it can last almost indefinitely. Why would you want to have a tincture prepared? Well, it can*:

  • help with sleep
  • stabilize moods
  • ease PMS symptoms
  • be used during times of transition and/or stress
  • help with symptoms of menopause

Placenta Truffles

Feeling adventurous? This might be the recipe for you! Placenta truffles are made using some of your placenta capsules and can be a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth and eat your placenta, while easing your transition into motherhood. There are many recipes available online, but we like this one from our friends at Mother To Be Services in Utah.

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Please note: The placenta should only be consumed by the individual who birthed it.

The recipes in this blog are for informational purposes only. This blog does not take the place of consultation with your healthcare professional. The information contained here does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*The FDA has not evaluated these statements.