Lamaze-Based Childbirth Education

You wouldn’t take a test without studying, would you? Childbirth is no different! Our Lamaze-based childbirth education classes focus on more than just breathing techniques. You and your partner will leave class feeling prepared for childbirth and confident in the skills you learned.

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    Janet works with expecting parents to simulate the weight a woman gains during pregnancy.

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    Practicing comfort techniques in our Lamaze based childbirth education class.

  • dutchess lamaze childbirth education

    Simulating an epidural so expecting parents can visualize what this choice looks like.

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    Dads-to-be working on a brain mapping exercise during class.

Our unique approach to childbirth education focuses on Lamaze’s six healthy birthing practices in a way that appeals to different learning types. Hands-on demonstrations and activities help you and your partner understand what to expect when labor begins and how you can be most comfortable.

We understand that all couples have different ideas of what their baby’s arrival will look like, so we do our best to cover all options. Our class, and our doulas, are not “anti-epidural” and we recognize that there are times where medical interventions are wanted or needed.

Our Lamaze based childbirth education classes are currently being offered privately, in your home. Your class will total approximately 6 hours over the course of two days.

Course Fee: $850

Classes booked after 32 weeks gestation will incur a last minute booking surcharge.

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“This class was very helpful for me and my husband getting ready for the journey of childbirth. I feel like Mike and I have a better idea of how childbirth will go for us. Thank you so much for starting this class.”

Robin Pellicci
Mahopac, NY

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