Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation turns your placenta into a powerful supplement that can ease your postpartum recovery. Women who have had their placenta encapsulated have reported benefits that include: increased energy, a more robust milk supply, a decrease in postpartum depression, and a faster recovery.*

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Placenta Encapsulation – $300
Placenta Tincture – $50
(Tincture is FREE for labor and/or postpartum clients)

Blissful Birthing is proud to offer in-your-home placenta encapsulation as a stand-alone service, or as an add-on to labor or postpartum support. Our placenta encapsulators work in your home to eliminate the chance of placenta mix-up and to reduce the exposure of your placenta to foreign microbiota.

You will be provided with a transportation kit and instructions to safely transport your placenta home and store it until it can be encapsulated. We make every effort to begin processing your placenta within 24 hours of delivery.

Your placenta specialist will bring everything she needs to process and encapsulate your placenta. All you will need to provide is a burner on your stove top, counter space, and an outlet to plug in the dehydrating equipment. You are welcome to watch the encapsulation process; we love explaining what we are doing! You can also read more about how we process your placenta here.

We are proud to offer your choice of flavored gelatin capsules or unflavored vegetable capsules. There is no guarantee as to how many capsules your placenta will yield, but most women can expect between 75 and 200 capsules, depending on the size of their placenta.

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