Blissful Birthing strives to provide exceptional support to the women and families of Westchester, New York. Read what some past clients have to say about the support they received from their doula and lactation counselor during their pregnancy and in the postpartum period.


“Rebecca started as a night nurse within a week of our baby coming home, and she was terrific. She helped get us back on a somewhat normal schedule. I second all the glowing testimonials here, and can add a few additional highlights. I was impressed with Rebecca’s steadiness and calmness. It can’t be easy coming into an unfamiliar house and dealing with the specifics of each situation, but she made it look easy! She juggles a pretty full schedule as well, but always communicated quickly and directly. Bottom line: we could count on her. Thanks, Rebecca!

Chip Brookshaw
Mt. Kisco, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“I was looking for nighttime support, as I knew I had to return to work very quickly. Rebecca was amazing and helped me get back on my feet quickly. She is professional, kind, and amazing with my baby.”

Arielle Jacobs
Scarsdale, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“Rebecca was a very sweet, kind, genuine person. This was my first pregnancy and she was extremely responsive and supportive via text and email throughout my last trimester. She helped me fine tune my birth plan and when my pregnancy went to 42 weeks and I had to be induced, she was there to remind me that everything was going to be OK!

When we arrived at the hospital to start induction, she had a bag of goodies waiting for me. She came to the hospital moments after I asked her to, right in time. This wasn’t just my first experience with birth, it was her first experience as a doula for a vaginal birth, so I felt very much like we were on the same page. She was a great extra pair of hands, she was helpful, present but also knew when to take a backseat to the process and allow my significant other to be my number one. Having her at our birth was a comfort to James too.

Overall she was a great comfort to us, we just wish we got a picture with her! Thank you Rebecca for your hard work and guidance!”

Stephanie Minor
Beacon, NY
Labor Support

“Rebecca was a wonderful night nurse when my baby was four weeks old and neither my husband nor I had gotten more than three hours of sleep since his birth! Her caretaking enabled my husband to get a full night’s sleep and for me to get at least a little rest, knowing our baby was in good hands. She worked with us to establish a consistent time for my son’s nursing sessions at night and make things a little more manageable.”

Alyssa Cotler
Greenwich, CT
Overnight Postpartum Support

“Rebecca has worked with my family as a postpartum doula for over 2 months now. She came to us when I was feeling increasingly stressed from handling my 6 week old baby girl’s needs, my 4 year old boy’s adjustment to having a sibling, and my own self-care. Her presence in my home was calming from the start – which eased my worries, helped with the sleep deprivation, and allowed me to take better care of myself. She treats my daughter warmly and respectfully. She speaks to her, sings to her, reads to her, carries her in a wrap to soothe her, and balances my breastfeeding with formula when needed. My daughter now smiles when she hears Rebecca and turns her head in the direction of her voice.

Rebecca is educated about and open to various philosophies and approaches. I’ve not felt judged by her for my parenting choices as I have sometimes felt with other caregivers. She truly collaborates with me in caring for my newborn. Many times she has had a pearl of wisdom for me as I worry about all the changes that come with a new baby – such as when I was concerned about my son saying he didn’t want to go to school anymore or when I worried my daughter wouldn’t sleep well if I held her “too much” as I had been warned. Her support in this way has made meaningful differences in how I feel. As she got to know me, she shared her knowledge and made appropriate referrals, connecting me to a weekly mom’s group as well as a psychologist who specializes in “everyday” parenting issues and sibling adjustment through play therapy.

On a practical note, Rebecca is skillful with my pet dogs and an excellent and creative cook, as well. With my first born, we ordered in from restaurants for months until daily life settled down. But, with Rebecca’s help, we have had delicious, nutritious dinners to enjoy each week. She is professional, prompt, reliable and great with communication. I have learned that I am able to count on her. I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

Anne Buckingham
Waccabuc, NY
Daytime Postpartum Support

“Rebecca did a week of overnights with our newborn son and we were very happy with her. She’s always on time and listens carefully to all directions. I highly recommend Rebecca! We are sad we can’t afford to have her more often.”

Erynn Miller
Rye, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“I cannot overstate the profoundly positive impact of Rebecca’s overnight support as we welcomed my second baby, Teddy. My husband and I initially weren’t sure about having someone come into our home for overnight support during this very vulnerable stage, however now we are fully in agreement that we will never again reproduce without Rebecca! We actually had a countdown to the moment when she would walk in the door each night, bringing an incredible sense of peace, wisdom and professionalism into our home.

She instantly helped us to find a rhythm to our nights that truly works for all members of our household and we still implement the things we learned from her on a nightly basis. She helped me navigate the challenges of early nursing during the night including helping me to get Teddy to latch correctly, timing his feeds and creating a nice little routine that settled him right back into sleep after he nursed. Because Rebecca was supporting me at night, I was rested and restored each morning and was able to more easily meet the challenges of mothering our sweet two year old. I can definitively say that due to our partnership with Rebecca, the anxiety that I felt as a new mother bringing my first baby home was not part of our story with our second baby. I find Rebecca to be an incredibly warm, intuitive, kind, and ethical person and also loved learning about her experience fostering children who truly need a special kind of love and stability. I sincerely wish that all mothers and children could experience the kind of compassionate care that Rebecca offers the world.

Lindsey Furnary
Rye, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support


“I know my wife already posted, but I thought I would chime in too. Our son was literally born on the day I started a new job. Rebecca’s care, enthusiasm, energy, and general professionalism made it so both I and my wife could get enough rest to maintain some level of sanity and keep my new job!

Josh Deitch
Tarrytown, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“Rebecca was open-minded and supportive of whatever plan worked for me as the mom. For example, at first it was very important that I exclusively breastfed every feeding, but later as I became exhausted and needed to skip a nursing session, she supported and carried out that plan without judgement.

I often tell other women to hire Rebecca because she is so supportive, nonjudgmental and amazing with babies – it is the best thing you can do to keep your sanity as a mom of a newborn – especially with a fussy newborn like my George! If I have another baby I only hope Rebecca is still working as a doula and I would have her stay even longer.”

Macaulay Kerr
Rye, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support


Rebecca was a game changer for our family. My wife had a C-Section for both of our children, which made it hard for her to ‘do it all’ the way she wanted to. The first time around we shared the night feedings, and we were still both exhausted for weeks. We made it work, but it made caring for a baby and going to work very difficult.

The second time around we had a toddler to care for too, so we had to be ready to run after her all day, care for the baby, and eventully go back to work. Knowing that we had Rebecca a few nights a week made the hard nights a lot easier because we could look forward to a good night’s sleep the next night. She is also really easy to get along with, and we never felt like she was in our space. Instead of being exhausted and cranky during the day, we were able to enjoy family time during my paternity leave.”

Greg Evans
Rye, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“Rebecca was a savior in our first week home from the hospital. She was prompt, warm, nurturing, nonjudgmental and reassuring. Her presence allowed my husband and me time to catch up on some much needed sleep. We knew our son was in good hands and she always had a full report for us in the morning.”

Shira Barkoe
Katonah, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“What stands out most about our experience with Rebecca is her support and the comfort of feeling that I could trust her (even though I hadn’t met her before she came to help us the first night). Although it may only seem like a few hours of help, don’t underestimate how much of a difference having a trustworthy and competent resource will make. If we have another child, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Rebecca again.”

Beth Appel
Bedford, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

We had Katie from Blissful Birthing help us out with some overnight care when our son was born. She was wonderful! She was a calming presence right from the start, and we trusted her completely with our baby. She always knew just how to calm him and help us all get a good night’s sleep. She regularly checked in with me to see how the baby was after the nights she took care of him and she kept us updated as to how he was doing with sleeping and eating. Not only was she very warm and loving to our son, she was also friendly and helpful to my husband and me. We absolutely loved her and would definitely highly recommend her.

Kristen Linton
Mt. Vernon, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“I was recovering from a c-section and trying to give equal attention to my newborn and 4 year old the second night I was home from the hospital. I was so thrilled when I called Rebecca at about 4pm and she was able to come that very evening for overnight support. Rebecca was a calming presence in my home and helped all of us with the adjustment of adding this precious newborn to our family. Nearly two years later, we still keep in touch with Rebecca. It takes a village and we are glad she is part of ours!

Courtney Walker
Pleasantville, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support


It was a wonderful experience working with Rebecca as our labor doula during the birth of our daughter! Leading up to the birth she always made herself available to us for questions, heard out our concerns, and helped us plan for the big day. When my wife was ready to give birth we were in constant communication with Rebecca during and in between the times we went to the hospital and were sent home. The labor was a grueling ordeal for us that lasted upwards of 60 hours. Rebecca was so attentive and helpful through every step of that. We will never forget all the help and guidance and support she provided when we brought our daughter into the world. We couldn’t recommend her or thank her enough!”

ossining ny doula

Weston Fonger
Ossining, NY
Labor Support

“We had Rebecca stay with us three nights a week for the first 6 weeks after my second child was born, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my family.

Rebecca made the transition from one child to two children so much easier than I ever thought possible. I was hesitant to have someone in our space, especially at such a vulnerable and emotional time. But Rebecca has a way of being helpful without overstepping, and meeting the family’s needs in every situation. She also completely respected all of my choices, never pressuring me or making me feel that I wasn’t the one ‘steering the ship.’ For me, this meant that she gave my son bottles of breast milk and formula so I could sleep; for other friends of mine who have also used (and loved) Rebecca, this meant helping the mom breastfeed exclusively.

I recovered from my C-Section much more quickly the second time around, because I could sleep through the night and rest easy knowing that my son was in such capable hands. Having Rebecca let me be a better mother to both of my children during the day. I would recommend Rebecca to any new mom! 

Megan Evans
Rye, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“Rebecca is helpful and always able to answer questions or point me in the direction of where to find answers. She is like a best friend who’s also filled with knowledge about everything surrounding pregnancy, birth and post natal care. I’m lucky to have met Rebecca.”

Abby O’Brien
Putnam Valley, NY
Lactation Support

“I can’t fully express my gratitude to Rebecca and Blissful birthing with just one positive review. I had been dead set on breastfeeding since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, but as a first time mom I didn’t realize how rough (emotionally and physically) breastfeeding could actually be. When my daughter was born and unable to latch properly on one side, I was given Rebecca’s information. I called her on a Saturday and we made an appointment for a session for the very next day (Memorial Day Weekend, no less!).

Rebecca was kind, compassionate, patient and understanding. Her constant encouragement to push through hard times has helped me gain confidence to successfully nurse my daughter (on both sides!). Not only is she there for me during our sessions, but she is always a phone call or text away when I have questions and responds within minutes! I will be working with Rebecca as my daughter grows and I am beyond thankful I found her. I would highly recommend Rebecca!”

somers ny breastfeeding support

Tammi Kaufman
Somers, NY
Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support

“Rebecca was an amazing doula and night nurse. She is easy-going, proactive, and invaluable for new parents. In addition to taking charge of the basics (ie, diaper-changing and feeding), Rebecca provided handy babycare tips (ie, how to file a baby’s nails) and fundamental lactation suggestions. She has a gentle demeanor (both with parents and baby) and it is clear that she is an expert in her field. I highly recommend her!”

Melissa Stone
Mamaroneck, NY
Overnight Postpartum Support

“Rebecca was sweet and sensitive to our wishes. She laid out a great birth plan with us and worked with us when our plan did not work out. She did not judge us for decisions we made for our birth plan or make us feel bad when our birth did not go as planned.”

Jessica Sinclair
City Island, NY
Labor Support

Giving birth and taking care of a new baby are two very difficult jobs. Blissful Birthing respects client’s need for self-care and time with their new baby. For this reason, testimonial request forms are sent out at the close of a contract to provide prospective clients with a source of referrals for Blissful Birthing, The phone numbers and/or email addresses of past clients are not given out to potential clients for the purpose of obtaining a reference.