gift ideas for baby

Gift Ideas for Baby

With the holidays rapidly approaching we are sure you will be inundated with friends and family members asking you for gift ideas for baby. Does your little one really need another toy or stuffed animal? Whether your baby will be a month old or a year old, we think you will find these gift ideas practical, fun, and (best of all) clutterless! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when asked for gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Baby

Memberships to the Zoo or Aquarium

Even if your baby is “too little to appreciate” what is going around him/her, memberships are a great way to get out of the house! Going to the aquarium is a great rainy day activity, or something fun to do together on a day off. You’ll be out of the house and active, so you’ll feel like you accomplished something for the day, and your little one will get to enjoy a change of scenery. We know as the gift giver that it might not be exciting to watch a little one open a card with a membership coupon inside, but you can always wrap up a small stuffed animal as a physical gift to go along with the experience gift.


Yes, it is completely acceptable to ask for diapers (in the current or next sizes) for gifts. Let’s face it, they’re probably one of the most practical gifts you can give to a family with small children. While this may not be a “fun” gift for the gift giver to shop for, it is certainly one that will be used and appreciated. Diapers are expensive. Help new parents out!

Contribution to 529 or other Savings Plan

Again, lacking on the excitement factor, but a practical gift for both the parents and the child. With each passing year the cost of higher education (whether trade school or college) is only going up. This gift will definitely be well-received and appreciated (both now, and in the future).

Gift Certificates to Classes

Whether Gymboree, Fit4Mom, Stroller strides, or any of the other fun baby and me activities, this is another great gift for both parents and babies. Or, the gift giver could attend some of the classes with your little one (giving you a break and them some quality time together). Even if baby is too young to make friends, their parents can make the ever-elusive mom/dad friends (opening the door to other social experiences). This is the perfect gift regardless of the time of year (because in the summer you’ll want some fun indoor activities and in the winter, some warm places to go).

Mini Photo Session

Nobody has ever complained that they have too many photos with their children! But prioritizing setting aside the time for family photos doesn’t always happen. This is a great gift for the family, and one that will leave lasting memories for years to come. Make sure when choosing a photographer to ask if the family has one they use, and that the chosen photographer offers sessions close to where the family lives.


We fully admit that some of the gift ideas we listed are more exciting than others, but you cannot deny that they are all useful. What are some practical gifts you’ve received for your little one?


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