Minivans: The Ultimate Mom Cars

We’ve probably all said it: I’ll never drive a minivan! While I agree that minivans aren’t the best looking vehicles on the road, they are functional. I looked at the features that certain manufacturers offer and I was impressed! I am going to be discussing some of these features and offering my thoughts on them, as well as giving my advice on when the best time to get a minivan is.

Features Galore!

Today’s minivans are pretty luxurious! The features were well thought out and definitely have the modern family in mind.

Which features are non-negotiable, in my opinion?

  • Dual power sliding doors (just one won’t cut it!)
  • Power lift gate
    • Ideally one that you can open by swiping your foot under the car
  • Vacuum cleaner
    • Because kids

I’m also loving the pre-collision breaking and lane departure warnings that are becoming more popular options. Stow ‘n Go seating is also an awesome feature because the seats are heavy to take out of the car!


My preferred layout? Remove one of the middle seats. Why?

  • It is easier to strap your little one into the car seat regardless of the weather.
  • You have somewhere to corral your older child(ren) while you’re strapping in another child. No more worrying about them running off or wandering the parking lot.
  • Room to change your baby’s outfit or diaper.
  • Warm, dry space to put on/take off your older child’s coat.

When should you get your minivan? The sooner the better. I used to think it wasn’t necessary to have a minivan until baby was older. Boy was I wrong! Strollers are  pretty big – it’s nice to be able to put more in your car than just that. It also affords you room to change your baby, regardless of the weather.

Cool Features of Minivans by Brand

  • Route Destination Maps
    • These allow your older children to see trip progress (similar to when you’re on an airplane). Necessary? Probably not, but it can be exciting for older children.
    • Found in Honda and Chrysler vehicles.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – a definite necessity, in my opinion
    • Kids are messy and it’s a hassle to lug the vacuum outside to clean out the car.
    • Honda and Chrysler have this option. Toyota can install it as an aftermarket product.
  • CabinWatch and Cabin Talk allow you to see rear facing kids and see your kids at night.
    • You can override headphone audio to talk to your children.
    • Honda and Toyota have versions of this feature.
  • Deep Rear Cargo Space
    • Strollers and other gear take up a lot of room – you’ll appreciate the extra space!
    • Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, and Kia all offer this.
  • Cooler console
    • Helpful for long road trips.
    • Available in Honda and Lexus.
  • Built-In Sunshades – it’s nice to not worry if the sun shade is going to fall off!
    • Available on Toyota, Honda, Kia, Chrysler, and Nissan
  • Parking Assistant – Extra Cameras
    • Nissan, Honda, Kia, Chrysler
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