tips for making your own baby food

5 Tips for Making Your Own Baby Food

It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m sure food is on most of our minds! And if you have a little one who is eating solids this can be an exciting time of year for them. Bring along the blender and puree some holiday favorites for your little one! We thought this was the perfect time to share some of our tips for making your own baby food.

5 Tips for Making Your own Baby Food

Keep it Simple

Your baby is not a discerning food critic writing for the New York Times. Right now you just want to focus on exposing your baby to different textures and flavors to expand their palate.

Use What You Have

There is absolutely no need to purchase expensive baby food making gear! No need. The pans, steamer basket, blender, and ice cube trays you use for your food work perfectly fine when preparing baby’s food.

Experiment with Flavors

A little salt and pepper are great, but what about more complex flavors? Expose your baby to more complex flavors by adding a small dash of cinnamon mixed to sweet potatoes or a pinch of dill to Greek yogurt. Not comfortable adding spices just yet? No worries! Roasting your veggies before blending them can impart a different flavor without spices.

Prep in Bulk

Whether you’re making apple sauce for two servings or twenty, the prep is the same. Invest a couple of extra minutes to make a larger batch of whatever you’re preparing and freeze the extra. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you can go into the freezer in the morning for a couple frozen cubes to defrost for easy dinner that night.

Buy What’s in Season

Not only does this help to keep costs down, but it helps ensure that the food you’re giving your baby is as fresh as possible. Want to try food that isn’t in season? No problem! The most cost-effective way to do this is to check the frozen section. These fruits and vegetables are picked, packaged, and frozen when they are in season, preserving nutrients. We also like buying frozen because you don’t need to prep right away, resulting in less food-waste if you forget you bought something.

Did you make your baby’s food? Share your tips and experiences below. We love hearing what worked for your families.

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