what color is amniotic fluid?

What Color is Amniotic Fluid?

Have you ever stopped to think about your amniotic fluid? What is it composed of? Does it have a smell? What color is amniotic fluid? While the purpose of this blog is to focus on the color of amniotic fluid, we will also touch upon those other points. This will provide you with a more complete concept of this mysterious substance.

What is amniotic fluid?

Amniotic fluid is what surrounds your baby in the womb. It is contained by your membranes or sac. Its composition begins as primarily water but changes over time. Once your baby reaches 20 weeks gestation this fluid is comprised mostly of baby’s urine. What else is in this fluid?

  • hormones
  • nutrients
  • antibodies
  • electrolytes
  • proteins
  • fetal cells
  • vernix

This fluid is traditionally odorless, but it may have a sweet smell to it. It should not smell like urine or have a foul odor. If it smells like urine, your baby is likely pressing on your bladder. Should you notice a foul odor contact your OB or midwife as this can be a possible sign of an infection.

What it the purpose of amniotic fluid?

This amazing fluid has many functions. Some of them include:

  • cushioning your baby.
  • maintaining a relatively constant temperature.
  • aiding in the development of the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • allowing for movement of baby (and development of muscles and bones).
  • preventing the cord from being squished against the cervix or uterus.

What color is amniotic fluid?

The question you’ve been waiting for, and my purpose when writing this blog. Amniotic fluid can vary in color from clear to light yellow. The color likely comes from the urobilin, which gives urine it’s characteristic yellow color. You may also notice white specs in the fluid. That would be vernix caseosa, the cheese-like substance that covers baby’s body and protects baby while in the womb and during delivery.

Go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY and notify your OB or midwife on the way if your water breaks and your fluid is green, brow, or has green/brown specs. This is an indication that your baby has likely passed meconium. Just as any other time your water breaks you will want to look out for and take note of the following:

what color is amniotic fluid

You can also download the PDF of the above image here.

As always, this blog is not medical advice. The above blog is for informational purposes only. Please speak with your healthcare provider.

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