what does overnight postpartum support look like

What Does Overnight Postpartum Support Look Like?

Blissful Birthing has been offering overnight postpartum support for six years now. It is, by far, our most commonly requested service. Let’s face it – who here doesn’t like to sleep? This service helps new parents ease into the demands of parenthood, leaving you better equipped to face the day with a newborn.

What does overnight postpartum support look like?

Our overnight shifts are nine hours, from 9:00pm until 6:00am. This allows time for you to talk to your postpartum doula about how the day went with baby and ask any questions you may have, before getting ready for bed. How the night goes from there is completely up to you. Here are the most common ways overnight shifts go:

overnight postpartum support

Our goal with all overnight shifts is to maximize the amount of sleep you are able to get; how you choose to structure one night can be different than how you structured the night prior. Your postpartum doulas will tend to the immediate needs of mom and baby during our shifts. If you would like some guidance or tips on getting a better latch, using a nipple shield or have a question about your newborn, we are there for you. We can make sure you have a snack and cold glass of water when you wake up. Before we leave, the bottles and pump parts from the night shift will be washed so you are ready to start your day.

What do we need to provide?

Not much! We require families to provide a flat place for their postpartum doula to nap while their baby sleeps (a bed, air mattress, futon, or couch) and a dedicated parking space. That’s it!

Is there flexibility in shift start and end time?

No. Working with a couple hundred families over the last 6 years we have found the 9pm-6am time frame to be optimal. It ensures that you or your partner will be awake when your doula arrives, and allows for her to leave in the morning before your family starts their day. This scheduling also allows ample time for your doula to rest before or after her time with your family so she is at her best when caring for your baby.

How long of a commitment does Blissful Birthing require?

We firmly believe that nobody knows your family better than you do. For that reason, our minimum is one shift. And we have had families who just need a night here or there when one parent has to travel, for example. We have also had families enlist our support overnight for 16 weeks. We do book on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we do recommend pre-planning. Because overnight postpartum support is so popular, we are not able to accommodate requests for immediate start.

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We serve families in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess, NY as well as Greenwich and Stamford, CT.


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