What Products Promote Bonding with my Baby?

It is February – the month of love! We thought it would be great to kick off the month with some of our favorite products to promote bonding with your baby. The best part is: all these items can be purchased on Amazon and at your door within two days! Because, let’s be real, when you have a baby the last thing you want to do is schlep to the store.

What baby carriers will help me bond with my baby?

The short answer is: all of them. And a lot of what makes a carrier the “best” one is how easy it is for the user to operate it and how comfortable it feels when you’re wearing it. Personally, I am partial to ring slings. However, they have a learning curve and many new parents aren’t comfortable with them. The carriers linked below are very popular among our clients because of their comfort and ease of use. By no means are these three suggestions an exhaustive list of the carriers we like. If you’re curious about baby carriers and which might be best, send us a message – we have plenty of carriers for you to try out! If you’re interested in purchasing any of the carriers shown, click on the photo and it will take you to the Amazon listing.

carrier for baby bonding

Baby K’Tan

baby carrier to bond with your baby

LILLEbaby Complete Carrier

baby carrier to bon

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier



What cosleeper is best for bonding with my baby?

The term “cosleeping” refers to having your baby sleep within 12′ of your bed (so it is not the same as “bed sharing”). As with baby carriers, there is no “best” cosleeper. Our homes are all set up differently and we are looking for different things in a cosleeper. Also, putting a pack n play with the bassinet insert by your bed, or even using a traditional bassinet are safe options. Some of our clients like the Halo Bassinet. Because of it’s heavy, wide base it is not a favorite of ours, though the part where baby sleeps is very nice.

cosleeper for baby bonding

MiClassic Bassinet – a great budget friendly option

best cosleeper

Arm’s Reach Cosleeper – can attach to the bed or act as a free-standing bassinet










What is the best way to bond with my baby?

I truly believe the best way to bond with your baby is to hold them close and let them hear your voice. Reading is a great way to accomplish this while exposing baby to different sounds. Reading also exposes babies to a variety of sounds, assisting with language acquisition and fostering a love for reading early on. I am a fan of board books as the pages are easier for babies to turn when they get older and they are less likely to be ripped when your little one is exploring books on their own. Some of my favorite books for baby include the following:


Please Remember

I would also like to stress that “stuff” is not necessary to bond with your baby. It is so easy to get caught up in “things” that it can be easy to forget that our babies just want us. Skin-to-skin, snuggling, talking to your baby, and singing songs are free and very effective.


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