Bad Advice – The Worst Things Parents Have Been Told

It seems like once word gets out that you’re having a baby, everyone has some “words of wisdom” they feel the need to impart onto you. If you’re a parent, you’ve more likely than not been given advice that didn’t sit quite right with you. After seeing on a Facebook mom group a “recommendation” that pregnant women should not be outside during the eclipse, I had to find out from local moms what other bad advice they’ve received.

Bad Advice

  • “You hold her too much; you’re spoiling her.” – this one came up A LOT!
  • “Oh, let it go. All the kids are doing it!”
  • bad advice“If you breastfeed during allergy season, you will give your baby allergies.”
    • You also should not stop breastfeeding if you are sick because you’re concerned about your baby getting sick (unless it is physically too much for you). Your body is able to create and pass antibodies to your baby to decrease their chances of getting sick.
  • “It’s a good thing they don’t really feel pain.”
  • “Don’t let the cat near the baby – it will suck the breath out of the baby.”
  • “You really should have another close to his age. He won’t know what it’s like having a sibling since your girls are much older.”
  • “Wake the baby every 3 hours to feed.”
    • While we advocate for not waking a sleeping baby, there are instances where it is appropriate (such as if they are not gaining weight appropriately). It is best to speak with your child’s pediatrician to determine when it is appropriate to let your baby wake on their own.
  • “You should really do it this way.”
  • “Don’t seek help for speech because you don’t want them labeled.”
  • “Oh, you’re having twins? You’re smiling now, but you’ll be crying once they get here.”
  • “Don’t go outside. They’re too young and the fresh air will make them sick.”
  • “The wind outside will blow into his ears and he will get an ear infection.”
  • “Don’t make him laugh too much or he’ll get the hiccups.”
  • “Put a little sugar on their tongues when they get the hiccups.”
  • “If you want another one, you better get going!” – said a few days after this woman had a miscarriage
  • “When you’re sleep training hold the door closed from the outside. Lock them in til they cry themselves back to sleep!”
  • “Hose your kids off so you don’t have to ‘do bath time’ every night.”
    • This person literally meant to use a garden hose
  • “Don’t feed them on demand”
    • This is terrible advice for anyone who is in the early stages of breastfeeding as it can negatively impact your supply.

Bad Advice from the Pediatrician

  • “If your kid is sleeping through the night, get them out of the crib by 18  months.”
    • If you’ve ever been around an 18 month old, you know how bad this advice is!
  • “I’m sure her rash is nothing. Just put some Aquaphor on it.”
    • That “rash” turned out to be the manifestation of an allergy to eggs and nuts.
  • “Schedule a c-section! It’s sooo much easier than natural birth!”
    • As a reminder, Blissful Birthing supports whatever decision you make for the birth of your child. Telling you how you should birth is not the place for your child’s pediatrician.


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