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Pass the Bottle, Please!

One of the greatest concerns of our clients is feeding their baby. I have had a number of clients nervous about telling me their plans to bottle feed their baby which, quite honestly, breaks my heart. It is not anyone’s place to make an expecting or new parent feel guilty about how they are choosing to feed their baby. Our doulas and lactation counselors are well-versed on all modes of infant feeding and will support you in meeting your feeding goals. In fact, not all of us breastfed our own babies!

Regardless of your reason for drying up your milk supply, the information contained in the accompanying infographic will prove helpful. I always recommend speaking with your medical provider before you begin taking any supplements or medications.

I created an infographic with pertinent information regarding milk suppression. A PDF copy can be downloaded by clicking here. As a brief summary:

  • Avoid excess stimulation
  • Herbs can help
  • Pharmaceuticals are an option
  • Do NOT bind your breasts as this can lead to clogged ducts or mastitis
  • It is normal to feel a myriad of emotions
  • You are not failing your baby

If you have any questions about milk suppression, please let us know. Support is just as vital when you want to dry up your milk supply as it is when you want to increase it; our doulas are dedicated to supporting you.



The content of this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This article is not medical advice and it should not take the place of consultation with your healthcare professional.

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