curb walking to induce labor

Curb Walking to Induce Labor

Maybe you heard about curb walking from a friend or saw it as part of the Miles Circuit. But can you really use curb walking to induce labor? The honest answer is “maybe,” which I realize is probably not what you wanted to hear. But keep in mind that unless your baby and your body are ready, most methods of induction (both “natural” and medical) are unlikely to be effective.

What is curb walking?

Curb walking is when you walk with one foot on the curb/sidewalk and the other on the road. It forces you to have an uneven gait where you will notice the shift in your body weight much more with each step. You may notice that one side is more “uncomfortable” to walk on than the other. If you are curb walking to induce labor you will want to continue in this way.

How can I use curb walking to induce labor?

If your body is ready to go into labor and needs a little “nudge” this may help. This posture may help your body prepare to deliver your baby by:

  • allowing gravity to help your baby get deeper into your pelvis.
  • opening the pelvic outlet and gradually shifting baby down.
  • allowing baby’s head to put gentle pressure on your cervix (which may help your body dilate/efface).

You may find that with the extra weight you are carrying in your belly during pregnancy that you are unsteady on your feet when walking like this. Take someone along with you to steady yourself, if needed.

You can accomplish the same results inside! Put on one high heel and leave the other foot bare or put on a sneaker. This allows you to hold on to the counter or railing (if you are in a building) for stability and avoid extreme weather conditions. Alternatively, you can use an exercise “step” to help you get that uneven gait that helps open up your pelvis to allow baby to descend deeper into the pelvis.


As with any other change in physical activity, please check with your OB or midwife prior to engaging in this activity.

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