no cursing in my delivery room

Don’t Curse in My Delivery Room!

cursing doula westchester nyWhile cursing may be “acceptable” at a bar, at a concert, or while watching sports, it is likely not the language that you would use around your family or young children. I understand that we are adults and fully admit that, from time to time, the wrong word may accidentally slip out. It happens. But I think we can all agree there are times when cursing is downright unacceptable. One such instance is when your doula is the one who is cursing.

Picture this. You’re in the delivery room and trying to get comfortable so you can attempt to rest (maybe you just got an epidural and want to sneak in a nap before it’s time to push). Your doula offers to ask the nurse for extra pillows. She goes to the nurses’ station and spots your nurse. So she says, “hey! Do you know where I can find the [expletive] pillows? Mary’s been up since the [expletive] crack of dawn and wants to try to take a nap.” What just happened? I don’t know about you, but I’m embarrassed for Mary just typing out that hypothetical situation! She hired a doula (someone whom she thought was a professional) to be part of her birth team and that is how she’s speaking with the nurses?! I. Don’t. Think. So.

When you are in the delivery room your focus is to be on managing your discomfort and welcoming your baby. Your support team is an extension of yourself. You should not have to worry about your doula cursing and casually dropping an f-bomb in front of your OB, nurses, or family members. It is not professional, not necessary, and, frankly, not something Blissful Birthing tolerates. And, while we are at it, our doulas don’t use the “R” word, either.

Disclaimer: If you and your partner are free flowing with the four letter words, we are totally fine with that! But for your doctor, nurses, and doula, it is still a professional interaction. What we are not okay with is your doula, or anyone else, setting the tone for the language used in your delivery room. This is your day and you should always feel comfortable

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