doulas don't check-in

No, Facebook, I Don’t Want to Check-In at the Hospital!

professional doulas don't check-inOne thing you won’t see Blissful Birthing’s doulas doing is posting on Facebook when we are on our way to support a client or “checking in” when we arrive or leave the hospital. Why? Well, putting aside the fact that it is totally unprofessional to check-in at your birthing location,  it is just not our information to share!

When speaking with each of my doulas before hiring them, I stress this practice to them. Their response has consistently been, “Why would I do that? It’s not my news to share.” My doulas and I recognize that you have worked hard for the last nine months to grow, protect, and deliver this tiny human. You have been preparing for this moment; you, and you alone, should be the one to share this news with the world when and how you choose! And if you ask a nurse to snap a photo of one of us with you, your partner, and your new baby, rest assured that we won’t post it – anywhere (unless you allow us to include it with your testimonial). Your privacy is a top concern of ours.

doulas don't check-inThis doesn’t mean that we aren’t excited about your new arrival – we absolutely are! But we recognize that we live in a very small and connected world. All it takes is a “check-in” at a hospital and a perceptive friend or family member, for this exciting and private moment to be taken away from you. We want for you to tell your friends and family about your baby’s birth on your terms, in the way you planned, when the moment is right for you. Your doula plays a supporting role in your baby’s birth story, but you, your partner, and your baby are the main characters; this is your story.

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