Placenta Encapsulation FAQ

If you’re pregnant, you may have heard about placenta encapsulation at some point in your pregnancy. It is likely that you may have questions about what this entails, the benefits, and cost. We’re here to answer those questions for you (and, of course, if you still have questions, you can always reach out).

Will the hospital let me take my placenta home?

Yes! Your placenta is just that – yours! We do recommend informing your care provider of your plans to encapsulate  prenatally, as well as telling the nurse upon admission to the hospital. There will be a release form for you to sign and then you are free to take your placenta home with you. Each hospital has slightly different rules with regards to releasing your placenta, but most of them require it to stay with you (or your partner) and to be removed from the hospital as soon as possible.

There are some instances where your doctor or midwife may want to send your placenta to pathology. In this instance we cannot encapsulate it as we do not know how it was handled and what chemicals it may have been exposed to. In some instances your provider may be alright with sending a chunk to pathology. If that is the case, let your placenta specialist know. You may need to freeze your placenta until the results are back from pathology.

How can I be sure I get MY placenta back?

This is a very real concern that our clients have. To ensure your baby’s placenta is the one that you are consuming, we only encapsulate in your home. In fact, you and your family are welcome to observe the process (if you’d like).

What does the process entail?

We wrote a blog that discusses the process of encapsulation with Blissful Birthing, which can be found here. This blog post also discusses the benefits and risks of encapsulation.

How much does it cost?

placenta transportation

Our transport kit comes with everything you need to bring your placenta home.

Blissful Birthing charges $375. This price includes:

  • a transport kit
    • This will be mailed to you once you pay. Most of our clients receive their kits within 2-3 days.
  • your choice of unflavored veggie capsules or flavored gelatin capsules
    • The flavors we offer are: berry, strawberry, coffee, bubble gum, and lime.
    • Our unflavored capsules are vegetarian friendly.
  • a cord keepsake
    • How this looks is dependent on how much of your baby’s cord is present. We cannot guarantee any particular shape of your keepsake.
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