please do not ask my baby's name

Please Do Not Ask My Baby’s Name

Please Do Not Ask My Baby’s Name

I was in Walmart over the weekend and a woman approached my children and I. She asked if they were twins, their ages, and their names. I’m all about being friendly and making small talk; a smile can change someone’s day. So I answered truthfully until she asked their names. I lied and made them up. I didn’t know why at the time, but it just did not feel right to tell a stranger my babies’ names. While I am fairly sure it was a harmless question and there was no threat to telling this woman the names of my children, I really wanted to say “Please do not ask my baby’s name”!

I totally “get” that this is likely a generational concern, and I try hard not to be alarmist. While I wanted to give this woman the benefit of the doubt, it just didn’t sit right with me.

So, what can you do if someone asks your baby’s name? What you do will depend on the situation and how old your child is. Sharing the name of your baby is different than sharing the name of your 4 year old who could be drawn to a stranger who knows their name. You have a few options if someone asks, “what’s baby’s name?”

  • You can share baby’s name.
  • Make up a name.
  • Let the person know that you don’t share that information.

All of those options are acceptable. This is your baby and you have to do what feels right for you. Do not feel bad about wanting or not wanting to share your child’s name with strangers! I have zero regrets with how I handled our situation and I would not have done it differently. But maybe next time I will let the person know that we don’t share our names with people we don’t know.


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