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Prenatal Birth Planning Session: What to Expect

The only thing predictable about giving birth is that it is unpredictable. You may be okay with the unknown or it may scare you; both feelings are common. Just because things can change doesn’t mean that is is not beneficial to be prepared. During a prenatal birth planning session with Blissful Birthing your options will be presented and explained to you. For options you have not yet considered or are unsure of, you will be able to discuss the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives.

Acquiring Useful Skills During Your Prenatal Birth Planning Session

prenatal birth planning session acronymWe truly believe that the “right” decision is different for every family. For one family an unmedicated vaginal delivery may be the “right” decision and for another a scheduled induction or cesarean birth. Because of that, we don’t believe the value of your prenatal birth planning session lies in the preferences you lay out. What is more important are the information gathering and decision making skills you will obtain.

The doula(s) who will be assisting you during your session will equip you with the tools to gather important information about the decisions you may be provided with.  You and your partner can discuss the benefits and risks of these options using the BRAIN acronym. You can choose your preferences any time up until the birth of your child; a decision does not need to be reached immediately. Many of our clients continue to think about their options after their session and discuss them with their medical team.

Our clients often say they didn’t realize so many options were available to them before our session. They leave feeling much more informed on the options available to them and with questions to ask their OB/GYN or midwife.

About This Service

Our stand-alone prenatal birth planning session covers the same information as the birth planning prenatal from our labor support package. We offer this service on its own because we recognize and respect that having a doula present at the birth of your baby isn’t the right decision for all families but believe that families opting not to have a doula present can still benefit from this information.

For more information on our prenatal birth planning sessions, click here.

Don’t forget to download a copy of our decision making infographic.

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